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1. When asked whether it is advisable to look for friends online, different people may have different things to say, but personally I don’t think it is wise to do so.

2.  Here comes the question: should universities allow students to live off campus? My answer is positive, for indeed there are several advantages of off-campus living compared with dorm living.

3. Nowadays chatting online is growing in popularity among the youth. Some get fun; some get friends; some even get fame. However, we should not let these benefits blind us to the problems it may pose.

4. When my eyes caught this topic, my mind began its search for the most important one from many options such as honesty, creativity, fortitude, diligence, etc. Then the best choice—teamwork spirit—occurred to me.

5. The definition of education may vary from person to person. Some people consider education as going to schools or colleges, or as a means to secure good jobs, while others regard it as a life-long process. I agree with the latter viewpoint for the following reasons.

【扩展】The answer to…may vary from case to case. Some people…. while others… I agree with…

6. What if you needed to call someone abroad but were intimidated by the steep fees? What if you wanted to shop but got tired of searching and bargaining? What if you felt lonely tonight but had no one to talk to? “Get online!”—this may be the first answer that flashes through many youths’ mind if a computer is at hand, and they have good reasons for that.

7. Competition and cooperation seem to be two apparent opposites, which people have to choose between: some claim that the former is more important than the latter, while others think the other way around. However, the contrast between the two is misleading and damaging, for in fact, one may enhance the other in the present-day society.

1. Addressing these issues is not a luxury that can be postponed until a more convenient time. It is a short step from dishonesty in schools and colleges to dishonesty in business.

2. Only when we treat plagiarism as seriously as it deserves to be treated will we accomplish the first step toward the elimination of various forms of unethical academic behaviors on our campuses.

3. To sum up, ambition can benefit us tremendously if wisely and correctly channeled, otherwise it may ruin others and ourselves.

4. To sum up, seen with a positive attitude, an interview can be a win-win situation for both the employer and the job-hunter.

5. From the above analysis, we may arrive at the conclusion that the Internet helps people to communicate beyond the limitations of time and space.

【扩展】All in all, we can safely conclude that…/From the above analysis, it can be easily seen that…/From what we have discussed above, we can draw the conclusion that…

6. What has been discussed above points to the fact that the Internet is sure to accelerate the development of education.

7. Although other favorable things may still be said about classroom teaching compared with cyber education, the two advantages of traditional classes discussed above are already sufficient for the former to live rather than to die out in advance of the latter.

8. Of course, misuse or too much use of Internet slang in news and formal documents could bring a number of problems. However, the above discussion indicates that we should not and could not forbid its use totally. The better course of action is to be more careful when using them as we are with the choice of other words, considering its particular feature and style.

9. To sum up, chatting online can bring us more convenience and friends. Although it has its problems, we should not give up these benefits because of that, just as we cannot “give up eating for fear of choking”.

10. Just as the old saying goes, look before you leap, so I suggest that we should think twice before starting a business, especially when we are not academically, financially and psychologically well-prepared.

1. When it comes to the problem of homesickness, here are a few tips for freshmen.

【扩展】As far as …is concerned/ As for…,+主句

2. As the “imported” festivals become hot, our own native festive occasions turn cool.

3. Before answering this question, I want to remind you of a story of ancient China… This story simply proves the importance of teamwork: united, we succeed; divided, we fail.

4. …we may miss school when the coolest guys in the class try to persuade us to, though we know this can lead to trouble; worse still, we are tempted to tease or hurt other people because we worry that our pals may tease or reject us if we don’t go along with them, and we will end up feeling bad about this, not to mention the person who is the target. These are just some examples of the negative peer pressures and life choices that we might face every day. We may do these things to be accepted by peers we socialize with or admire, but we often won’t feel good about ourselves when we really give in.

5. …people who believe that competition is more important than the cooperation partially or completely neglect the importance of cooperation which in my mind contributes equally to the development of human society.

6. Some become obsessed with his or her crush; some feel heartbroken when being rejected; even there is a few who have tried murder or suicide at the time of breakup. How should they relieve themselves from such pain? An effective remedy is to pour out to close friends…

7. However, peer pressure is not all doom or gloom. It can also be a really positive influence in our life.

1. Some hold that this experience would give them the edge in future competition after graduation, while others argue that it might hinder their academic pursuit.

2. Different from selling our own belongings in the flea market, running a shop requires careful consideration and preparation in many aspects.

3. At college, our main task is to acquire knowledge; our main trial is to do well in various exams. But at work people are expected to shoulder much more responsibility.

4. With traditional teaching tools such as blackboard and chalk or the newly developed multimedia equipment, students and teachers have to come to school to enjoy learning or teaching. However, with the Internet, they are likely to interact at home in future, for example, through video conference.

5. The former serves to conjure up images of conflict, selfishness, and dog-eat-dog behavior; the latter suggests harmony, community, and benevolence.

1. The main reasons why I am not in favor of making friends online are as follows.

2. The first reason to avoid comparing yourself with others is that it makes you unhappy.

3. Being aware of their parents’ financial difficulty, they used various means to support themselves and managed to save every penny they could for the family.

4. Enchanted with the life of the pop singers or movie stars, college students tend to collect everything related to them: pictures, CDs, posters, magazines, etc.

1. Ambition may well serve as a catalyst activating dormant potentials. …A case in point is Ms Zhang Haidi, a Chinese Helen Keller.

2. Take Liu Xiang for example, who won the gold medal in the 110 meters hurdles of the 2004 Olympics, which has been the first gold medal for Asians in the Olympic track and field.

【扩展】Let me cite …as an example./ A good example is that…

3. It means my success is your failure. If I obtain my goal, then you don’t obtain yours. It is best exemplified by a match in which individuals or teams strive against each other to obtain a goal that only one can ultimately achieve, such as a tennis or football game.

4. Despite the various profits urbanization has brought to our country, many problems turn up as a result in the process: environmental deterioration, warming climate, and housing insufficiency, to name just a few.

5. The cost may amount to several thousand yuan if it is an urgent interview in a remote location, and it is quite common to see a northern candidate flies all the way to a southern city for a job opportunity.

6. Besides hard work, it takes persistence to travel on the path to your dream place. Numerous stories of success tell us that there is no royal road to great accomplishment. Thomas Edison experimented and failed hundreds of times before inventing the light bulb. Abraham Lincoln lost dozens of political elections before becoming president of the US.

7. When you hear of plastic surgery, you will probably first think of a Hollywood star trying to delay the effects of aging, somebody’s cute “new” nose that cost quite a few allowances, or people who want to change the size of their stomachs, breasts, or other body parts because they see it done so easily on TV. Those are common images of plastic surgery, but what about the 4-year-old boy who has his chin rebuilt after a dog bit him?

8. However sweet a drip of dew is, it cannot stop your thirst; however luminous a firebug is, it cannot light your way; however powerful a finger is, it cannot give a punch.

1. In fact, the development of both Internet technologies and web-based education has made it convincing that one day online learning may replace the traditional classroom teaching.

2. The advantages of online learning compared with classroom teaching make the substitution of the latter by the former almost inevitable.

3. Because of its advantages in creating a virtual but realistic classroom, and providing diversity, convenience and freedom, online education is quickly taking in many territories that once belonged to traditional classroom teaching. In a certain sense, it can be said that online education came, has seen and will conquer.

4. …while it is convenient and easy to take online lessons, I am still positive that the classroom teaching will never fade out.

5. Although other favorable things may still be said about classroom teaching compared with cyber education, the two advantages of traditional classes discussed above are already sufficient for the former to live rather than to die out in advance of the latter.

6. By adopting various test forms and flexible assessment, we can guide students to gain high scores, useful skills and great expertise in their fields at the same time. Only in that way will the evaluation system help rather than hinder students’ education and growth.

7. Only when we treat plagiarism as seriously as it deserves to be treated will we accomplish the first step toward the elimination of various forms of unethical academic behaviors on our campuses.

1. Though learning can be made interesting, it is not play in essence and we should take each class seriously. Thus, there are some dos and don’ts for us to help a class go smoothly.

2. Besides, to minimize students’ possibility to substitute others’ works for their own, several simple strategies can be followed in designing writing assignments.

【扩展】Besides, to release academic pressure, you can take the following suggestions into account.

To prevent these from happening and to travel smoothly on the information superhighway, you should observe some basic rules of netiquette.

3. Maybe you are perplexed about how to get rid of it and enjoy a more pleasant and rich college life? Here are my opinions about how to cope with financial, academic and emotional problems.

【扩展】When it comes to the problem of… here are a few tips for…

4. Therefore, in my opinion, the golden rule for classroom behavior at college is to honor our class, honor our instructors, and honor our classmates.

5. Our first and most important line of defense against academic dishonesty is simply good teaching.

【扩展】The first thing to do in combating plagiarism is to encourage academic integrity in students.

6. The second remedy is to encourage the development of integrity in students.

【扩 展】To reduce and prevent plagiarism,the best course of action would be to promote academic integrity, improve assignment design, and warn students about its consequences.

7. In daily life, they should learn to do chores such as washing and shopping either by calling home or by consulting experienced roommates.

8. Considering the above factors, universities cannot afford to cut down current tuition though it exerts great financial pressure on students from low-income families. In my opinion, a more practical way to resolve the conflict lies in establishing a new social institution favorable to disadvantaged students.

9. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that plastic surgery is not the best cure for all our problems which seem to be connected with appearances… And for those who have a distorted view of what they should look like, working out the emotional problem with the help of a trained therapist will be a better bet.

1.  Of course there is some truth in those complaints. Nevertheless, with regard to the future development for both employers and employees, advantages will far outweigh disadvantages during a job interview.

【扩展】There is some truth in…, but…/There’s an element of truth in… but …/There’s a great deal of truth in what they say, but …

2. It is true that interview benefits both the employer and employee in many cases, but, in my opinion, it does not always work because of its time limit, the subjectivity in decision-making and high additional expenditure it brings to job applicants.

3. Admittedly, looking good does have real advantages in some occasions like finding a job or spouse, but plastic surgery alone cannot change our life.

4. He gives due weight to the role of ambition in our life, but he ignores the fact that ambition alone cannot form or change a person’s destiny.

5. Though its final result may be alluring, people need to consider the hazards before plunging in.

【扩展】Alluring as …may be, people need to consider the hazards before plunging in.

6. Despite its high costs, possible risks, and short-term side effects, plastic surgery is a great thing in many cases and its benefits can be both physical and emotional, both external and internal.

7. No matter how well or how badly a candidate performs, it might not be safe to equalize the outcome with his capabilities and potentials, especially when interviewers do not attach due importance to the candidate’s record.